Corporate Social Responsibility

All these corporate social responsibility events benefitted the children enormously and HKF is keen to develop its relationship with the business CSR departments.

If you are interested don't hesitate to contact HOPE.

Corporates who have supported us througout the year

Hope in collaboration with CSR Partner Komatsu inaugurated a mobile ambulance, which will be running for 24 hours in Kolkata, for the underprivileged

Komatsu Mining Corp. in collaboration with Hope Kolkata Foundation inagurated a Mobile Ambulance today for the homesless population. The medical van is equipped with life saving instruments, along with a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, attendant and driver who would be always on board, to serve the needy. The mobile medical van will be running 24hours in West Bengal. The mobile medical van was inagurated today at 10:30 am at Joy Global (India) Limited Mining Centre 85/1, Topsia Road (South) Kolkata – 700046 India.
Special Guests for the day were –

  • Honorary Mr Masayuki Taga, Consul-General of Japan in Kolkata,
  • Mr Shib Bhowmik, Country Head, Komatsu Ltd,
  • Mr Vijay Singh Bhandari, President, Hope Kolkata Foundation

Thacker's Dairy

Thackers Dairy - Supported CSR

Mr. Nilesh Thacker, owner of Thacker's Dairy, has taken an initiative to drive an ice cream cart at each of our Shelter Homes on Sundays. They had already covered Kasba Girls Home with Bekind Boys, Panditya Girls Home & Ashirwad Boys Home. Children are very much enjoying this ice- cream treat from Thacker's Dairy


Vodafone - Supported CSR

Vodafone, Kolkata had come forward to celebrate Father's Day the Hope Foundation by spending an afternoon with the Panditya Girls. They did an Ice Breaking session, followed by dumb charades, In house talent competition-singing, dancing & poem recitation. Awarded the best performer along with a gift distribution to all girls. Showed a documentary on Safety Awareness with Education on Value System. Ended with a small cake cutting ceremony with distribution of Food packets.

A Fun Day with Corporate Volunteers from Deutsche Bank

"Hope for children in need, Hope for a better society!" "Amazing way of taking care of children - feel really blessed to have come here" were some of the remarks the corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank wrote in the visitor’s book at the end of the Saturday afternoon they spent with the young girls at HOPE’s Kasba Protection Home.

Deutsche Bank - Supported CSR

Our girls greeted the Volunteer Group – Shubhro-Kanti, Assistant Vice-President and Area Head of Kolkata and his team Anirupa, Joyita, Nirmalya and Shubhro’s little daughter Shresha with lively dances with Bengali folk songs, followed by a welcome note in impeccable English. The Uncles and Aunties were completely taken with the children and interaction flowed freely thereafter. Alokeparna, the RD Manager at The Hope Foundation, introduced the team to HOPE’s work with street and slum children of Kolkata and the ongoing projects that HOPE runs in partnership with 13 grassroot NGOs. The volunteers were taken around the Kasba facility and they were pleasantly surprised at the high standard of care that is provided to the children.

Deutsche Bank - Supported CSR

The Deutsche Bank volunteers had planned a drawing competition as part of the day’s activity. The children were divided into three groups age-wise. They were supplied drawing sheets, new pencil boxes with pencils and eraser, and crayons. They could draw anything they liked but timeline was 30 minutes. Most finished in less than 30 minutes and came up with excellent and colourful drawings depicting kite flying, Durga Puja, Flowers and scenaries.

Deutsche Bank - Supported CSR

The volunteers treated the children and the staff to a fish curry lunch which was ordered at HOPE Restaurant. There were sweet ending too with gulab jamuns. Shresha, Shubhro’s daughter who was about 5, happily mingled with the children, took part in the drawing competition and shared lunch with them. The volunteers too had lunch and enjoyed the food thoroughly. They looked forward to visiting HOPE Café and Restaurant soon to taste more of the delicious cooking.

Linc Pens - Supported CSR

Linc Pens - On 5 June, 2011 World Environment Day, Linc Pens, a reputed pen manufacturing company organized an evening called “Go Green”. This programme was part of the campaign called 'Refill More', which educates the masses about the environmental hazards of plastic and encourages them to refill their pens, as refills use less plastic. Three children of Kasba girls home Baisakhi Mondal, Shakuntala Das and Priyanka Das got participation awards from Linc Pens in the programme.

HSBC Bank supports Kasba Girls home by taking children for a day out -excursion, festival dress and through other cultural activities. The bank employees are regular supporters for the children who need any help on education and health

HSBC - Supported CSR

IBM - Supported CSR

IBM India - Global Business Services, Global Delivery - Every year 24 children living in slums from Hope Education project have access to IBM office for three months through computer literacy programme. The classes are held every Saturday from 11am to 5pm and at the end of the course each child has to make a presentation on which they get a certificate. Objective of CLP (Computer Literacy Program) is to reach the benefits of computer education to children from marginal socio-economic background and improve soft skills of these children (e.g. Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, and Leadership Skills etc.) by providing a forum for IBM employees in Kolkata, India for social outreach activities.

Christmas gifts were donated by Tata Capital. Children received Tennis bat, ball, badminton, Indoor games like Chinese checker, ludo and other puzzle games, bags, geometry box, pencil box, pastel colours, colour paints. Socks, Caps, soft toys, girls decorating items, t- shirts, dress, school bags, tiffin box, white socks etc. Every year they also organise exhibition and the Self Help Groups are invited to display their ecofriendly products.

Tata Capital - Supported CSR

Societe Generale Group - Supported CSR

SOCIETE GENERALE GROUP donated 5 computers as part of CSR activities for the children.

Reliance - Supported CSR
BIG Salute to Bangla Women Entertainers - first exclusive platform to celebrate the success of women across the Bangla Entertainment Industry. A special initiative of this award platform, to recognize & honour the significant contribution of those women whose efforts have made a positive impact & provided inspiration for us all to strive for a better society. In this regard it will be our great privilege to be able to appreciate & felicitate the profound impact you have made through your life & work.

Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited - Inauguration of 2 public Toilets built by Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited at 114, Chetla Lock Gate, Chetla, Kolkata

Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited - Supported CSR

24 Ghanta, West Bengal's No.1 Bengali news channel: On 25th September, 24 Ghanta, West Bengal's No.1 Bengali news channel, organized a painting and dance competition on 25 September at Swabhumi complex in Kolkata. Children performed two dances about goddess Durga. The children of famous schools of Kolkata city and some NGO children participated there. This opportunity brings the children to improve their future. They were appreciated by others.


Uttarpara Abakash Inner Wheel Club - Supported CSR

Uttarpara Abakash Inner Wheel Club : On 14th November, Uttarpara Abakash Inner Wheel Club organized a cultural programme where youngest children of Kasba Girls Home named Dolon Biswas, Rima Ghosh, Mohuya Paul, and Tuhina Khatun participated in a group dance. All members of this club and others NGOs appreciated and invited them for next year performance.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association : organised a social awareness programme. 35 children of Kasba Home participated in the programme. They painted many colourful drawings on fuel savings. Hope Kolkata rd Foundation has been awarded 3 position in the social awareness programme organised in January 2012.

SUSRUT EYE FOUNDATION & RESEARCH CENTRE : an Eye hospital where eye cases are treated by very qualified doctors at a very cheap rate & also free treatment at times. Free operations are also done here. In Tangra, Susrut Eye foundation & Research Centre, with the collaboration with HKF- North opened an Eye clinic where 28 patients of cataract have been successfully operated upon at free of cost. Other major eye treatment and surgery are being provided at a minimal cost.

School Social Responsibility

The following schools successfully participated in the workshop on "Cross Culture Innovative Exposer on Education and Social Work System in India & Ireland" for the young generation, with schools from Ireland.

  • South City International School
  • Birla High School
  • Sushila Devi Birla
  • South Point High School
  • Mahadevi Birla World Academy
  • Gokhale Memorial Girls'
  • Julien Day School, Elgin Road
  • Lashmipat Singhania Academy
  • Garden High School
  • Nava Nalanda High School
  • G.D. Birla High School
  • La Martinere Girls School
  • La Martinere Boys School
  • Future Foundation
  • Future Campus School
  • Calcutta International School
  • Apeejay School, Kolkata organized an Art Competition on 26th February'2012. The boys had to draw on the T-shirts. It was a remarkable experience for our children; Sheikh Guljar, Subho Shaw and Sheikh Sani got certificates for their painting.
Cross Culture Innovative Exposer on Education and Social Work System in India & Ireland - Supported CSR

Sushila Birla High School had three days workshop with Hope home girls with Ireland school children

Sushila Birla High School - Supported CSR